Resolving complaints, fairly

What to expect when you make a complaint

We influence positive change

Out of investigations, we can make recommendations highlighting issues so they don’t keep happening again and again

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Every experience matters

We also look at trends and patterns

Every experience can help us find ways to tackle system-wide issues, which will lead to better care for everyone

  1. First, we make sure you’ve come to the right place

    We can look into a complaint that has already been raised with a health sector organization

    We cannot help if the complaint is (e.g.,):

    • About a regulated healthcare professional (e.g., physician, registered nurse)
    • About a retirement home
    • Part of a court proceeding

    When possible, we will point you to someone who can help.

  2. You provide your complaint in writing

    Details of a complaint

    • What happened?
    • When and where did it happen?
    • Who was involved?
    • What felt unfair?
    • What would put things right?

    Before we can act, we need your consent to proceed.

  3. We review your complaint

    If we aren't able to help

    After reviewing the complaint details, we may not be able to help. We will explain why and, when possible, refer you to someone who can.

  4. We listen to all sides and try to resolve your complaint

    Listening and getting the facts

    We will get the required information relating to your complaint, and attempt to facilitate a resolution between you and the health sector organization.

  5. We may conduct an investigation

    Moving into an investigation

    If we can’t achieve a resolution, we may need to conduct a formal investigation. We will let everyone involved know if an investigation is necessary.

  6. We share our decision

    While each complaint is different, a resolution could take the form of:

    • An apology
    • Policy change
    • Recognition of the issue
    • After an investigation, a recommendation for change to prevent someone else from going through a similar experience.