Vision, Mission, and Values


To be a trusted champion for fairness and to influence positive change in Ontario’s health care system.



We facilitate resolutions and investigate complaints involving health sector organizations, without taking sides, and make recommendations to improve experiences for all Ontarians.



We are respectful:
We are considerate of the dignity, privacy and diversity of every person.


We are fair:
Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. That’s why we look at every issue impartially, listening to all sides to achieve clarity and understanding.


We listen:
We take the time to listen closely and carefully, acknowledging all experiences and perspectives.


We communicate:
We communicate clearly and promptly so that every person knows what to expect. We do so in a professional, courteous way that respects all audiences, languages and abilities.


We are empathetic:
We acknowledge that every experience is unique and respond to every person with openness and compassion.


We are trustworthy:
We are accountable to the people we serve and strive to provide high-quality service that adapts and improves as we learn.



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